DON'T GIVE IT AWAY Why it’s in your interest to obtain a fair value for your sync license by Joe Saba [Disclaimer:  The PMA in no way encourages discussion among its members regarding specific rates or pricing structures.  We firmly believe each member company must act independently to set its own rates according to the demands


RETITLING SHOULD YOU SIGN WITH A NON-EXCLUSIVE RETITLED LIBRARY? Get the facts before you decide. Many composers and songwriters are lately being offered what seems like a deal too good to pass up: get film/TV placements of their music and a share of sync fees from non-exclusive distributors while retaining 100% of their copyrights. While this


BROAD GRANT OF RIGHTS BE INFORMED WHEN NEGOTIATING: AVOID BROAD GRANTS OF RIGHTS In negotiating with television networks over the use of your music, you should be very aware that the networks are pushing for and are regularly utilizing the broadest possible grant language in their contracts with music providers. While these clauses may appear like


CREATIVE VALUE As creative people and owners of creative content, how do we value what we do? You know what I mean – how do we put a price on it? If you own a restaurant, the menu clearly shows the cost of each item. If you’re a doctor, your fees