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PMA’s RANDY Wachtler on the State of Production Music

From TV commercials to feature films, radio jingles to websites, production music is everywhere these days. And it’s no wonder that it’s gaining in popularity: bundled together in easy-to-license libraries, production music can offer a simple solution for all types of projects in need of music. In 1997, the leaders of eight production music houses banded together to form the Production Music Association (PMA), an organization dedicated to promoting the interests of this specialized community. Today, the PMA’s member libraries employ thousands of composers and songwriters a year. Some of them have earned Emmys and other top industry awards for their work. Many of them build their livelihoods from writing music for PMA libraries. We caught up with Randy Wachtler, President of the PMA, to get his perspective on the state of the production music industry and find out where it’s headed.

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In the production music business, we tend to take sync fees for granted; we assume that if a client wants to use our music, they need to pay a synchronization fee and obtain a proper license. Yet from time to time there are situations that arise where clients claim that they can use our music without a license due to something called “Ephemeral Use”. Can shows like “Good Morning America”, “Today” and “SNL” really use our music for free? This article will endeavor to shed some light on this oft misunderstood topic.

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