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Our Mission
The Production Music Association (PMA) is the leading advocate and voice of the production music community.

We are dedicated to advancing the unique value of production music and working together to ensure a better future for our community.

We are a non-profit organization counting over 670 music publisher and composer members. Major labels, independent boutiques, emerging composers and well-known Grammy™ winners are all part of our membership. Together, our members account for over 1,000,000 individual copyrights and PMA music is heard daily in over 65 countries.

Our goal is to continue to provide of all our members the education, support and advocacy our community deserves.

The PMA will strive to fulfill this mission in part through:
  • Working with performing rights organizations, legislators, legal counsel and content creators in the aim of improving the reporting, monitoring, collection and distribution of performance fees and royalties for PMA members.
  • Providing its members with a forum in which common issues can be discussed and decisions made.
  • Educating its members and the marketplace about music rights and other issues affecting the production music community.
  • Enhancing the value of PMA members’ music through research, education and public relations.
Our History

In 1997, a US performing rights society planned to impose a cap on production music royalties that would have been considerably damaging to our community.

Several production music companies overcame their professional differences and came together to successfully oppose this issue. 

They quickly discovered that working together greatly amplified their influence and shortly thereafter formed the Production Music Association. That began an ongoing journey to bring our community together, and help create a strong, sustainable future.

Since then, some of the PMA’s accomplishments have included:

Our Accomplishments

  • Ensuring that millions of dollars performance royalties found their way to the properly-entitled writers and publishers;
  • Persuading our community, broadcasters and the PRO’s about the dangers of direct licensing and non-exclusive retitling.
  • Influencing the technological developments affecting the tracking, reporting and payment of our members’ music.
  • Successfully advocating for our members in opposition to those who believe music should be free.
  • Partnering with global organizations to strengthen our mission worldwide.

Today And Tomorrow

The PMA is moving forward on a whole host of issues.  

We’re creating industry-wide technology standards and hosting popular events all over the country, including the highly successful Production Music Conference.  We’re lobbying PROs for accurate distribution and educating both composers and our user base.  We are involved in everything from fingerprinting and online licensing models to copyright issues and global outreach.  

We speak with the combined power of all our members and every additional voice makes us louder.

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Morgan McKnight

Executive Director
Production Music Association