Opportunities, Challenges & Threats: Production Music at a Crossroads

September 24, 2012 by David Weiss Original Article on Sonic Scoop In the media world, production music is a vital component of sound-for-picture. These sonic libraries – which can range from specialized boutiques to all-encompassing collections numbering in the thousands – provide music supervisors, music editors, producers, and other media pros with a ready-to-go availability that composers and licensed artist tracks are hard-pressed to match.

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PMA’s RANDY Wachtler on the State of Production Music

From TV commercials to feature films, radio jingles to websites, production music is everywhere these days. And it’s no wonder that it’s gaining in popularity: bundled together in easy-to-license libraries, production music can offer a simple solution for all types of projects in need of music. In 1997, the leaders of eight production music houses banded together to form the Production Music Association (PMA), an organization dedicated to promoting the interests of this specialized community. Today, the PMA’s member libraries employ thousands of composers and songwriters a year. Some of them have earned Emmys and other top industry awards for their work. Many of them build their livelihoods from writing music for PMA libraries. We caught up with Randy Wachtler, President of the PMA, to get his perspective on the state of the production music industry and find out where it’s headed.

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Hollywood music at a nice price

Variety By ROBERT MARICH In the cavalcade of big-budget TV commercials for the Super Bowl, at least 24 spots were embellished by audio supplied by production music libraries, which represents a coming of age, of sorts, for suppliers of tunes that some considered second-rate just a few years ago.

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Dollar Signs and Treble Clefs

(From Music Industry Newswire) by Scott G - The G-Man You probably noticed that the music business is more about business than music. As a music publisher, this fact is made clear to me every day, but it really hit home this month in events held by the CCC, NARIP, AIMP, PMA, and NMPA.

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