Jonathan Firstenberg, Pres., 3 Ear Music Group: Zoom Roundtable Meets.

Jonathan Firstenberg, Pres., 3 Ear Music Group: Zoom Roundtable Meets.

Please email Jonathan no later than one day prior to scheduled Roundtable to participate at Participants will be provided with Zoom info and payment details prior to Roundtable sessions. $25 per attendee.

Select the Roundtable(s) that work for you…

1. Is this the right time for me to sell my Catalog?: What you need to know – What / How to prepare – What % to sell – What to gain from sale – The Valuation process and ask…May 7 @ 11 PST

2. Composer Notes: Forgotten in most music biz conversations…the Composers and Songwriters behind the cats. We will discuss creativity, musicianship, craft, talent and inspiration…May 8 @ 11 PST

3. Indie PMLs / Indie Cats and Rights Holders: Increasing Rev – Pitching – Collaborating – Networking – Marketing – SubPub vs. Admin…May 11 @ 11 PST

4. The Sales Rep: Ask the Sales Rep(s) – Do you need one? – How to find one – Finding the right one – Is one enough – Salary Commish?…May 12 @ 11 PST

Roundtable topics are based on Jonathan’s experience as Composer, Musician, Music Supervisor, Producer, V.P. Music Business Dev, Sr. V.P. Strategic Development, Coach, Consultant and Music Acquisition Specialist / Founder/Owner 3 Ear Music Group.


May 07 - 12 2020


11:00 am - 11:00 am

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