PMA Academy: Music Metadata and Your Library – Describing Your Music At Scale

PMA Academy: Music Metadata and Your Library – Describing Your Music At Scale

We all know that clean, accurate metadata is the key to good library SEO.

Maybe you’ve tried your hand at tagging your own library, but what does it take to maintain and operate a successful music database on the next level? How do you know what keywords work best, and what problems arise as one hundred tracks becomes one thousand tracks or ten thousand tracks? How do you ensure consistency and quality in a search as your metadata travels from composer to publisher to sub-publisher (or sub-publishers) and on up to the cloud?

Marina Garza, Founder of TagTeam Analysis, will discuss what makes a highly effective keyword taxonomy/schema that suits your music and offer tips for how to maintain a consistent approach as your metadata grows with your library. Forrest Riege, Data Scientist and QA Specialist for TagTeam, will further discuss the practicalities of keeping a library consistent across different catalogs, sub-publishers and use cases, with real-world strategies for managing the many ways your data can be useful.


Marina Garza, Founder of TagTeam Analysis has been working with production music libraries for over 10 years. Her previous employment as a music analyst for Pandora Media and working with the Music Genome Project has helped her master a deep understanding of descriptive music analysis. She holds a Bachelors degree in Music Education from Baylor University and a Masters of Music Education and Jazz Studies at the University of North Tx.

Forrest Riege has worked as TagTeam’s Lead Developer, Data Scientist and QA Specialist since 2013. Graduating Cum Laude from UC Berkeley with degrees in Music and Cognitive Science, Forrest’s background includes: custom Excel-native interface design for music libraries, workflow optimization, custom UI design and systems architecture, with specialities in Source Audio, Soundminer, proTunes and many other modern music publishing platforms.


Feb 16 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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