FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – North Hollywood, CA, May 1, 2018: Megatrax is proud to announce its official partnership with FPM Music, a UK-based music production library owned by Ossi Bashiri and CEO Steve Cole. Says Megatrax co-founder and CEO, Ron Mendelsohn: “FPM brings a young, edgy sensibility to our line-up and we are very excited to bring them on board. They are a perfect complement to our existing catalogs. In addition, they have a world-class classical collection which is something that we have been seeking for a long time.”

FPM Music formed in 2010 under the leadership of Creative Director Ossi Bashiri, a founder, partner, creative director and major composer/contributor for Extreme Music. By 2010, he created FPM, a library that broke rules and creative boundaries that shatter old music library ideas.

Steve Cole, CEO of FPM Music, has over 30 years of experience in production music, as former President of BMG Production Music and then Universal Production Music. Steve started Cavendish Music leading to the start of the iDOCS Documentary series for FPM.

The FPM series will appeal to a younger audience, but will work for anyone making broadcast programs that would benefit from an injection of “youth,” adding to the producer’s varied and rich sound palette. Editors can listen for contemporary dance, pop, and rock music that reflect edgy, aggressive, and very sexy styles.

Bashiri utilises the best recording studios available. His creative expertise is second-to-none given his years of experience as an engineer/producer at both Abbey Road and Powerplant. – says Cole, “We are trying to kindle the analogue flame in an increasingly digital environment. FPM Music is constantly trying to keep things sounding punchy, yet warm and classic.”

FPM plans to release several new albums every other month throughout the rest of the year through Megatrax that will cover a multitude of contemporary styles. Ossi Bashiri says: “Our attention to detail is almost OCD! We love what we create and we have fun creating it. We know this shines through in the finished mixes.”

FPM is available for listening and downloading upon registration now on:


About Megatrax: A true entrepreneurial start-up, Megatrax Production Music was established in 1991 when USC composers JC Dwyer and Ron Mendelsohn teamed up to provide music for LA-based television networks. Their high impact, custom sound quickly established Megatrax as the go-to library for promotion and advertising worldwide.

Megatrax remains one of the only production music houses to maintain a professional world-class recording studio. We believe that this facility has been a key factor in maintaining our sonic quality. Instead of having to rely on samples or simulated electronic sounds, we can (and do) record the real thing. On any given day, top LA session players, bands, ensembles, and orchestras are hosted in our studios. Learn more at