The PMA needs your help TODAY. Over the last nine months, current PMA board member Joel Goodman has been campaigning to join the ASCAP Board of Directors as a writer member.

In an unbelievable and disappointing decision that was just handed down by the ASCAP nominating committee, Joel has been denied the opportunity to run for election.  With what seems to be complete disregard for the widespread support, unique qualifications and proactive enthusiasm that forms the foundation of his campaign, Joel has been denied
even the opportunity to have his name on the ballot, and to let the ASCAP membership decide whether or not to elect him.

The PMA wholeheartedly supports and endorses Joel as a candidate. With over 30 years of experience in the music industry and as a member of ASCAP for just as long, Joel is exceptionally well-qualified to represent the vibrant and valuable ASCAP membership. Not only does he possess a thorough understanding of the organization’s mission, challenges and general operations, but he has extensive firsthand experience navigating the evolving performing rights landscape as both a composer and a publisher. Please read Joel’s full statement of candidacy and qualifications at