PMA Official Statement:

The Production Music Association (PMA) does not support Epidemic’s royalty-free business model. There should be no confusion in people’s minds between Epidemic’s specific practices and production music in general.

Epidemic’s requirement that a composer not be affiliated with a rights society is deeply destructive and unfair. It encourages writers who may not know any better to mortgage their future and sacrifice the potential for a lifetime of royalties. In addition, because this practice eliminates the need for an exhibitor (e.g. Spotify, YouTube or NBC) to pay music rights societies, it diminishes the global royalty pool not just for all composers, but all publishers as well.

The PMA also believes that there should be no distinction between “commercial music” and “production music” when it comes to artistic credibility or music’s economic value.

Our members include all the major labels and many of the largest independents. We are strong supporters of the performing rights organizations such as ASCAP/BMI/SESAC and believe that composers and publishers should always get fair value for their work.

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