Meet the Production Music Association’s Composer Committee!

The Composer Advisory Committee was formed to interact and engage with composers of, and at, all levels. It recognizes and seeks to work with all stakeholders for the betterment and benefit of the Production Music community.

Timothy Andrew Edwards, Committee Chairman

Timothy Andrew Edwards is one of the most diverse and heard composers working in entertainment today. With nearly 75 film and television credits to his name, his genre spanning oeuvre is a testament not only to the multiplicity of his skill, but the openness of his approach, and his reliability in all forms of media. His themes for “Extra”, “Leeza”, and the BBC’s “My Genius Idea” provided all three productions with successful, identifiable signatures. The Berklee College of Music alumnus’ background and sensibilities in composition, and experience as a Music Supervisor make him a singular, expert resource for the music needs of any project. Timothy is the Creative Director for Move Music LLC and is the Chair for the Production Music Association’s Composer Advisory Committee.

Art Munson

Art Munson has been making music for many years, most recently with his wife Robin. They have been composing music for television which has appeared on shows such as The Voice (NBC), Let’s Make A Deal (CBS), The Today Show (NBC), Raising Hope (FOX), Burn Notice (USA Network), Nate Berkus (NBC), Dance Wars (ABC), as well as numerous shows on MTV, VH1, The Comedy Channel, TLC, The History Channel, NATGEO, Fox Sports, MLB, VH1, Style and more.

Art has been involved in the music field for many decades as a guitarist, recording engineer, writer and record producer. He has worked with artists as varied as John Lennon, Barbra Streisand, Cher, Billy Joel, The Righteous Brothers, Paul Williams, Dick Dale, Vonda Sheppard, Brenda Russell and Kris Kristofferson.

Art is also the creator and moderator of A directory of music libraries where composers can share their experiences working with those libraries. Created in 2009 the site now has over 40,000 posts, comments, topics and replies related to production music.

Jeremy Borum

Jeremy Borum is a composer, orchestrator, and published book author. He has worked with almost every major orchestra in the US and many in Europe, and spends the vast majority of his time working with large acoustic ensembles. His book Guerrilla Film Scoring is a practical music industry survival guide which shows how to produce a good film score both quickly and inexpensively. Offering strategic tools and techniques, it draws on the expertise of the best in the media business including Ron Mendelsohn (Megatrax), Cindy Badell-Slaughter (Heavy Hitters Music), and many celebrity composers.

Richard Friedman

Richard Friedman is a Los Angeles-based film and television composer known for dramatic and majestic orchestral scores. Hollywood studios have invested
deeply in recent years to enhance their film trailer campaigns with Richard’s music. Richard has scored many hours of film and television programming as well.
Friedman also earned a PhD in Music History and Theory from Boston University. His versatility has enabled him to compose in every style ranging from classical, to jazz and contemporary. Friedman’s music for film, TV, movie trailers, music production libraries and commercials has been licensed worldwide and can be heard every day around the globe.

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