PMA Happenings

2014 was a great year, so what’s next for 2015 and beyond?

By Executive Director, Hunter Williams

It’s hard to believe the year has come and gone, but looking back, what an exciting time for our industry and organization! We started the year off with another celebrated annual NAB meeting featuring record attendance and an all-star cast of panelists. Then somewhere along the way, someone convinced me that we could pull off our very own conference! And we did thanks to all the amazing support of our board, our sponsors, panelists, guest speakers, event planning folks, and you our members! PMC 2014 was indeed great and there’s much to celebrate there while we aim to make it even better for next year. But I want to focus for a moment on some of the other extremely important work that’s going on behind the scenes at the PMA.

For starters, PMA staff has spent the last several months cleaning up the organization’s data and moving it all into a cloud based accounting and data management solution. This has allowed us to streamline member communications and outreach, as well as better process membership dues, invoices, organizational expenses, sponsor agreements, etc. Moreover, the efficiencies afforded by the technology will allow us to more easily accommodate the growth expected through expanded membership (more on this to come real soon!).

The PMA has also been very active and involved with the reform debates around music licensing and PRO consent decrees. On your behalf the PMA submitted comments to the Copyright Office and U.S. Department of Justice asking for reforms to help shape a more level playing field for PMA members and all songwriters, composers and publishers.

Now more than ever, particularly with the proliferation of digital media, changes to the conventional ways our music is licensed and valued are mission critical. The decades old compulsory licensing protocols have over time resulted in obfuscatory licensing practices by big media companies, delayed reporting to our administrators and licensing agents, and huge disparities in the way our intellectual property rights are valued versus those of record labels and artists. We will continue to advocate for the necessary changes to the legal structures that impede our ability to obtain to fair and competitive rates. Stay tuned!

We’ve also been working hard to re-activate and energize all PMA Committees. There’s much to accomplish and, as a small, non-profit organization, we need the contributions of time from our members to get it all done! Current PMA committees are:

Communications Committee
Joe Saba, VideoHelper – Chair
Rob Case, New Pants
John Fulford, John Fulford Music
Daniel Holter, License Lab
Cassie Lord, 5 Alarm Music
David Trotter, Studio 51

International Committee
Cassie Lord, 5 Alarm – Chair
Ken Barken, Master Recs
Gary Gross, Universal
Alan Lazar, Lalela
Michael Nurko, TRF
Art Phillips, 101PM

Membership/Education Committee
Ron Mendelsohn, Megatrax – Chair
Brian Brasher, Pitch Hammer
Yoav Goren, Immediate
Damir Price, redCola
Michael Thornton, Amphibious Zoo

PRO Committee
Joel Goodman, ICON – Chair
Gary Gross, Universal
Adam Taylor, APM
Randy Thornton, Amphibious Zoo
Randy Wachtler, Warner/Chappell

Technology Committee
Leigh Roberts, Jeco – Chair
Cassie Lord, 5 Alarm
Juan Ponciano, Post Haste
Adam Taylor, APM

All of these committees have full agendas for 2015 aimed at enhancing the value of production music and identifying tools and strategies for effectively doing so. Committee activity reports will be provided in future newsletters as details unfold. Volunteers are sought on an annual calendar basis, so be thinking about your potential future involvement. Also be sure to give a high-five to 2015’s volunteers when you cross paths with them again!

There’s much more going on that we’re looking forward to reporting to you at upcoming events and future news announcements!

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