Representatives of the PMA met with ASCAP executives to initiate a more regular dialogue regarding mutual member interests. “The three performing rights organizations in the U.S. serve a vital role in today’s ever-changing music economy”, said Hunter Williams, Executive Director, PMA. “With so many forces working negatively against the value of music, copyright owners and their representatives need to join together and re-invigorate their conversations about sustainable industry practices. We are grateful that ASCAP embraces the same attitude and look forward to working with them towards this goal.”

PMA board member, and PRO Committee Chairman, Joel Goodman, said, “PMA-member music proliferates programming across multiple media outlets licensed by ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. It’s important that we stay engaged with these organizations in order to better understand how our music is being valued by them, and in turn be able to better educate our constituents and advocate for their best interests”.

The PMA intends to seek similar meetings with BMI and SESAC as well. Says Williams, “Our ultimate goal is to ensure that PMA member interests are understood, properly considered, and properly valued at all three performing rights organizations.”
(Photo from left: Jen Harmon, Shawn LeMone, Debra Young Krizman, Hunter Williams, Dede Burns, Joel Goodman)