This month, we are featuring composer Chris B. Harris. Chris B. Harris has found the job of his dreams: making music for television and film. When he isn’t spending time with his son or handling a communications crisis, he can be found in a recording studio channeling his inner passion. In a short amount of time, Chris has racked up hundreds of placements for his songs on a variety of networks such as: ESPN, HBO, NBA, NFL, Showtime, Starz, and many more.

How did you get your start in production music?

I hired a graphic designer to create album artwork for a project I was working on. After the project was completed, the designer asked me if I’d ever be interested in making music for tv and film. You can imagine what my response was (“Hell yeah!”). From there, he connected me with the right people, and it’s been on ever since. I still thank him to this day because he didn’t have to do that. He changed my life.

What is your favorite style of music to create and why?

I have been creating all different styles of Hip-Hop for 20+ years, so I’m comfortable in that space. However, I really enjoy creating hybrid hip hop songs or songs that are not hip-hop. I love a good challenge, and some of my favorite songs that I have been a part of, you’d never know.

What was your first ever placement?

My first placement was in the Season 2 Trailer for HBO’s show Ballers. I was watching Eastbound & Down for the first time on HBO GO, and before the episode starts, the trailer begins to play. Initially, I was confused like “What the hell is going on?” Then I realized it was my voice in the trailer and proceeded to have a “Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch” moment.

What has been your favorite placement or project you’ve worked on thus far? What made it special for you?

My favorite placement has to be having the official promo song for WWE’s Summerslam (2019). Originally, my song only aired during promo spots on RAW and Smackdown, but the WWE decided to use the song for the cold open during Summerslam. I grew up a huge WWE fan, watching pay per views religiously. Never did I imagine that one day, my song would open up a WWE PPV.

What has been the most unexpected aspect of this industry for you?

This industry has changed how I watch and absorb content. I can’t even enjoy a television show or commercial without paying close attention the music being used.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find it from real-life experiences. I find it in being told “no” or missed opportunities. I find inspiration everywhere.

What is your dream placement?

I’d like to get a song placed in a movie trailer. It’s on my vision board, and I wake up and look at it every single day.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?

This is going to sound like an advertisement, but I promise it’s not. Someone told me I needed to attend the PMC, and they were right. I had always wanted to attend, but never got around to making the trip. However, after hearing multiple industry professionals tell me that I needed to attend, they left me with no other choice. Networking is key, and this is a great conference to do that.

Now give us your best industry tip!

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