Project Description

Abby North is principal of North Music Group LLC and a founder of Unchained Melody Publishing LLC.

Abby has experience in all areas of music publishing, from creative to administrative. She has vast experience in works registration, a strong knowledge of music publishing data and databases, and a background developing royalty processing and CWR works registration software tools.

Abby regularly advises estates on catalog management, termination rights and strategic growth concepts.

Abby is involved in several tech-forward, cutting-edge working groups and initiatives in the music licensing and metadata areas. She consults and advises companies in the financial sector and music industries regarding these issues. Abby is a board member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the AIMP, board member of IAFAR US, and a member of the ISNI Music Consultation Group, NMPA’s Team 100, the Television Academy, the CCC, Women in Music, SONA, the SCL and MMF-US (Music Managers Forum-US).

Abby’s new venture called Music Data Services leverages Royality Registration Suite tools to generate CWR and DQI files for rightsholders.

Abby has moderated panels for MusicBiz, the PMA, SCL, IAFAR, SONA and the AIMP.