Featuring “One For The Ages”
Composer: Brian Colin Burrows, The License Lab

What’s the story behind this spot? Why is it special for you?
For those who do not live in Milwaukee, WI, the numbers 414 probably don’t mean that much. Here, in our hometown, they not only represent the predominant area code, but also the date we celebrate all things Milwaukee… 4/14, and of course it’s called Milwaukee Day. There’s live music throughout the city, special craft beer releases from our incredible array of independent breweries, restaurants throwing parties, and overall a chance for us all to get out of our caves after a long winter and celebrate the community. This year, April 14th fell during the early stages of COVID and Safer At Home, and because of that, the usual celebrations could not occur. So the originators of Milwaukee Day (Allies & Co.) put together a beautiful video showing that although we are apart, we are indeed together.

We are so proud to have provided the music for such a heartfelt piece of art, giving love to the community that The License Lab has called home for the past decade (and some of us still do!). Milwaukee is a part of the company’s DNA, and we love contributing to this city whenever we can, whether it be music for the Milwaukee Bucks or a beautiful display of midwestern community like this 414 Day video.

How was it created? What instrument(s) were used?
“One For The Ages” is part of an album called Neo-Classical on our Dancing About Architecture label. It’s one that focuses on the cinematic quality of classical music by pushing those boundaries and soaking them in emotion. This piece in particular strikes a gorgeous balance between traditional classical instruments like piano, strings, and percussion, and more modern textures like programmed drums, well-placed synths, and tasteful fx.

What inspired the music used?
The folks at Allies & Co. came to us with the piece already selected through the search function on our website, and I think they absolutely smashed it. They were looking for a powerful track to help tell the story and to match the emotional arc. Watching the video, it starts out in a dark place as we see once widely populated areas completely vacant. But as the story continues, we see our essential workers keeping us safe, families finding ways to support each other, and the collective strength of our community. It’s quite emotional even without the music, but I think having this track accompany the visuals really takes it to a special place.

What’s your favorite scene in the spot and why?
The moments when people are laughing, dancing, and smiling get me every time. To see such genuine joy and light amid the fear and uncertainty is a beautiful thing, and it gives me hope. I hope it has the same effect on others, whether you’re familiar with Milwaukee or not.