What placement are these clips from?
Both clips are from recently aired episodes of Vice on Showtime, episodes 111 and 112. Episode 111 focuses on the early days of the covid outbreak in the US, namely spring break. Ep 112 focused on the outbreak in Brazil.

Which song(s) were used? Who are the composers on the song(s) used? Where can we listen to the full track(s) used?
The music in the clip from ep 112, the Brazil ep, is the beautiful “Song of the Wind” composed by David Bradnum (click to stream). Our cut used in ep 111, Spring Break, is a time period piece from our famed Sylvester Music collection: “Life Story – Variation No. 4” composed by Evan de Tissot.

How were the song(s) used created? Which instruments are used?
I’m probably not the best person to answer this question since I wasn’t around for the production of either, but I can tell you that Life Story Variation No. 4 is from our Sylvester Music collection which was recorded mostly in France from the 60s – early 80s. The album from which the song was lifted, originally released in 1971, is quite unique because it features eleven variations of the same theme song. As you skim through the album it feels like it could be the score to a classic French film.

Song Of The Wind is lifted from an album from our collection called South American Travels that has been extremely well received since it was released in 2016. You can tell that David Bradnum has spent a lot of time studying the nuances of South American folk music and instrumentation. The song in the clip features a small stringed instrument from the Andes called a charango. I expect David Bradnum’s charango was made from wood, but traditionally they were made using the shell of an armadillo.

Why is this placement special for you?
It’s always satisfying to land a placement, regardless of the nature of the production. But it’s even better knowing that our song placed in a production that will educate, or shed light to stories that people should know, or promote a worthy cause. Placements like these tend to mean more than those that are purely commercial or entertainment.

Walk us through the song selection process. Were the song(s) used created specifically for this project? If not, what were the deciding factors in finalizing the music?
We have a longstanding working relationship with the good people at Vice who often reach out for help finding music for specific scenes in production. They send me multi-part music briefs that very clearly describe the various styles of music they are looking for. Armed with the detailed descriptions in their music briefs, I dive in to our search engine and pull playlists for their review. It’s my understanding that they stockpile the best of what we and the other libraries submit and create pools of music for their editors to draw from. Once I submit my playlists, I don’t usually hear anything back from them until they let me know we’ve made the final cut. Once the episode is locked and has a confirmed air date we administer paperwork, which is always quick and easy because we have pre-established locked in rates and rights.