Cassie Lord, President of SyncStories Music, is well versed in building music companies that are successful in film & television licensing. Placements such as “The Purge”, “Deadliest Catch”, “Toy Story 4”, and “Glow” just to name a few. For over 30 years, Cassie lead many companies growth, including: APM, FirstCom, and as Founder of 5 Alarm Music. Her diverse background included 4 years at BMI, production work on “Star Search”, licensing for Thomas Dolby’s digital deliver company “Beatnik”. Her companies have represented hundreds of publishers from around the world including independent artists and music libraries. She is also co-owner and producer of 2nd Mountain Music (focusing on female composers). Cassie currently is on the Board of the PMA (Production Music Association), an organization to promote protect music rights for writers and publishers, and a new Board Member of the AIMP.

We asked Cassie what she loves about the production music industry:

Our Industry has given so many people the opportunity to make a living in the Music business being creative without having to be a celebrity.This Industry nurtures composers, songwriters, producers and those who love music on the business side.

The Production Music Industry also provides a service to the entire production community giving us insight on the different sectors of the Industry.Because it has so many sectors, TV, Film, Trailers, Internet, Streaming, Commercials, it has provided us a stable source of income even when one sector has a down time.

In the Production Music Industry, you can be young or old, from any ethnic background, male or female and our Industry embraces the diversity.It is one of the few Industry where competitors are happy for each other’s success and are willing to give advice to help keep the Industry alive and productive.

This Industry has given me the opportunity not only to find creative and business talent and develop it but also given me a livelihood in an Industry that I am proud of the Community and the people in it.

It’s an honor to celebrate Cassie Lord and all of her achievement in the production music industry. Check out more on SyncStories here: