Gilda Fulco is Head of Business Affairs and Global Relations for the Intervox Production Music group, Managing Director at Intervox Italia and Co-Director at Reliable Source Music Ltd.

After the first years of working experience at the Intervox headquarters in Munich, she committed to building international relations to foster cooperation and information exchange among the different stakeholders of the PM branch. She was strongly engaged in the early stages of the constitution of the European and the German Production Music groups back in 2012 and 2013. She also initiated the Italian Production Music group, today a working group under the umbrella of the Italian Federation of Music Publishers (FEM).

In 2013 Gilda followed the operations for the foundation of the Spanish subsidiary Ediciones Musicales Intervox SL. After Intervox acquired the British PM company Reliable Source Music Ltd in 2017, she was appointed Co-Director of the London based company.

We asked Gilda what she loves about the production music industry. Here’s what she said:

Before starting my job at Intervox the words “Production” and “Music” did not belong together in such a wonderful combination. I didn’t know this abundant world existed.

A financially big and geographically global industry, yet with a very attractive human touch. The Production Music industry prospers also thanks to the hard work of many knowledgeable individuals and small to medium businesses that with high quality music, great marketing and innovative tech solutions are able to reach a huge market impact and offer super interesting jobs to many many people. A place where people stay for ever once they get into it and a fertile ground for trustworthy relationships. If you are working in the Production Music sector, you must be really cool!

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