Kerstin originally started in marketing and design for NonStop Music and eventually all of the Warner Chappell libraries. In 2005, she cofounded Amphibious Zoo Music in order to pursue a more focused approach to the music and business. Amphibious Zoo Music quickly become known for trend-setting genres, cutting-edge music, and superior sound quality. In 2010 Kerstin helped launch Alchemy Music, a boutique library of music created specifically for the motion picture industry. She enjoys using her design background in all of the marketing, album covers and visual messaging of their brand.

We asked Kerstin what she loves about the production music, this is what she had to say:

I have always thrived best in a creative environment and production music allows me to work with many talented artists and creators both behind the music and in the final placements. The opportunities for innovation and evolution are endless. The field is always changing and never boring.