Tracey Marino is a composer, songwriter, musician, and producer, with more than 3,000 songs and cues in her BMI catalog. She’s had thousands of placements in shows including “The Voice,” “New Girl,” “The Tonight Show,” “Dr. Oz,” “Oprah,” “Saturday Night Live,” and many more. Her music has been featured in reality TV shows, films, documentaries, and commercials and is heard daily around the world. Tracey started writing songs around the age of five when, after her mom would read her a story, she would sit at the piano and write a song about it. Classical piano lessons soon followed, but her teacher disapproved of her improve skills when playing Beethoven and Mozart. In college, she studied various keyboards, harp, voice, flute, pipe organ, the steam tracker organ (calliope), and music composition. Tracey and her husband Vance run the San Diego Chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).

We asked Tracey what advice has impacted her the most. Check out her answer below:

Immerse yourself in the Music Business.

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