First, I’d like to thank the PMA members who shared their thoughts in the last survey, and the PMA Board of Directors who spent several days in a Strategic Planning Retreat. We are making some revisions to reflect your needs and our goals as the voice of production music. We would like our members to be the first to know about changes in the Production Music Association. We’ve updated our Mission Statement to reflect who we are: The Mission of the PMA is to elevate the unique value of production music and to ensure the viability of the production music industry. Here are some of differences you’ll be seeing during this year:
  • Bi-monthly industry mixers alternating between LA and New York.
  • Our annual NAB event will continue to be free for PMA members but nonmembers,  distributed libraries and sub-publishers will be charged $20 to attend.
  • Production Music Day – a daylong seminar with reduced admission for PMA members. We will be offering panels and round table discussions with music supervisors, PROs, legal and financial specialists and other industry professionals.
  • YouTube Channel to view PMA meetings and to post member showcases and other industry events/meetings.
  • The Board of Directors will invite any interested member to speak with the board during our quarterly board meetings (or during our monthly conference call).
  • We will send the membership confidential reports (when appropriate) of our “behind-the-scenes” activities with the PROs and others in our industry. The PMA Board of Directors works tirelessly to better our industry but our membership is unaware of much of what we accomplish.
  • A new, improved website is in the works and will feature new educational articles each month, written by our board and guest authors.
  • We will be targeting specific areas of the industry to educate and advocate for the PMA member libraries– broadcasters, content creators, PROs, aggregators, etc.
  • We will be working more closely with other industry organizations (CCC, AIMP, Guild of Music Supervisors, etc.) to enhance the value of production music.

Survey results (highlights):

✔ = We’re on it!

1. What are the three most important issues facing the industry?

  • Devaluation of sync and performance fees ✔
  • Composers who are licensing for free ✔
  • Lack of education ✔
  • TV performances moving to the internet ✔

2. How can the PMA membership be more valuable to you?

  • Effect change with PROs and other areas of business ✔
  • Influence clients, PROs, composers ✔
  •  More membership events ✔

3. What are the key strengths of PMA as an organization?

  • Speak with unified voice ✔
  • Strength in numbers/power as a group ✔
  • Information sharing & education of smaller/younger companies ✔
  • Integrity ✔
  • Seal of approval for music providers ✔

4. What are the key weaknesses of PMA as an organization?

  • Resource shy ✔
  • Need better interaction/communication with members ✔
  • No regulatory authority
  • Need to coordinate efforts with International affiliates ✔

5. The mission of the PMA is:

  • Advocacy ✔
  • Education – maintain value for sustainability of industry ✔
  • Promote professionalism and fairness to all parties thru unified ethical practices of members ✔
  • Maintain a healthy industry via lobbying, education, outreach ✔
  • Solidarity amongst the libraries as we fight for fair licensing fees and more cooperation from the PROs ✔
  • Face common challenges together ✔
  • Raise awareness of what we do and thereby increase the value of our copyrights✔

6. What should the organization be focused on over the next five years?

  • Provide resources for members ✔
  • Bring members together ✔
  • More member involvement ✔
  • Raise profile of industry and professionalism ✔
  • Accuracy in usage reporting ✔

7. What advice would you give the board as they plan?

  • Be more aggressive in promoting and implementation of the PMA values ✔
  • More educational events ✔
  • Stay the course ✔
  • Help members know what’s going on, what the PMA is achieving ✔

8. What other information would you like to share with the board?

  • Information – smaller libraries are starved for knowledge ✔
  • Education ✔
  • Keep our focus on quantitative, measurable issues ✔
  • Collectively you represent a solid cross-selection of the membership. Your purpose as a group is to focus on the health and viability of production music as awhole. Keep up the good work. ✔
Thank you for being a valued member of the Production Music Association.
Joseph Saba
VideoHelper, Inc.