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Press Releases

2017 in Review

What do Music Library Publishers Actually Do?

Production Music Is a Billion-Dollar Business (Study)

Production music is a $1 billion global industry “hidden in plain sight” that is ready for its close-up, according to Joe Saba, who promises to deliver just that with the fourth annual Production Music Conference, Oct. 4-6 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel. Saba, […]

NMPA’s David Israelite Keynotes the 2017 Production Music Conference: ‘The Licensing System Is Broken’

One of the key takeaways from his speech: 'The value of our music is more important than the process by which we license it.' Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Production Music Association (PMA) is wrapping its fourth annual Production […]

Networks Need to Stop Shaking Down Music Composers (Guest Column)

This week, the Production Music Association will hold its annual conference in Los Angeles. Production music represents a significant yet often overlooked segment of the music industry. The PMA conference will bring together hundreds of songwriters and composers to talk about making music for […]

Official PMA Statement Re: Spotify ‘Fake Artists’ Story Grows More Complicated as Site Continues to Level Accusations

PMA Official Statement: The Production Music Association (PMA) does not support Epidemic’s royalty-free business model. There should be no confusion in people’s minds between Epidemic's specific practices and production music in general. Epidemic’s requirement that a composer not be affiliated […]


Mark Awards Nominees and Winners of “Hall of Fame Award” and “Ambassador Award” Announced!

PMC 2015 and the Mark Awards are less than a week away! We have announced the "Hall of Fame Award", the "Ambassador Award", as well as the nominees for the other great categories. The Nominees for the 2015 "Mark Awards" are: […]

PMA at AIMP Nashville!

The AIMP recently hosted a lunch panel on production music and invited the PMA to present and moderate it. Panelists included PMA member and board director, Randy Wachtler (President, Warner/Chappell Production Music); PMA members, Brian Brasher (President, Pitch Hammer Music) […]

PMA Submits Comments to Department of Justice on ASCAP and BMI Consent Decree Review

The U.S. Department of Justice recently announced that it would be reviewing the ASCAP and BMI consent decrees.  These decrees, originally entered into in 1941, emanated from lawsuits brought by the United States against ASCAP and BMI to address concerns […]

Opportunities, Challenges & Threats: Production Music at a Crossroads

September 24, 2012 by David Weiss Original Article on Sonic Scoop In the media world, production music is a vital component of sound-for-picture. These sonic libraries – which can range from specialized boutiques to all-encompassing collections numbering in the thousands – provide music supervisors, music editors, producers, and other media pros with a ready-to-go availability that composers and licensed artist tracks are hard-pressed to match.

Production Music 2013 – Opportunities and Challenges

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... In many ways this famous opening line in Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities can apply to the State of production music libraries today.

PMA’s RANDY Wachtler on the State of Production Music

From TV commercials to feature films, radio jingles to websites, production music is everywhere these days. And it’s no wonder that it’s gaining in popularity: bundled together in easy-to-license libraries, production music can offer a simple solution for all types of projects in need of music. In 1997, the leaders of eight production music houses banded together to form the Production Music Association (PMA), an organization dedicated to promoting the interests of this specialized community. Today, the PMA’s member libraries employ thousands of composers and songwriters a year. Some of them have earned Emmys and other top industry awards for their work. Many of them build their livelihoods from writing music for PMA libraries. We caught up with Randy Wachtler, President of the PMA, to get his perspective on the state of the production music industry and find out where it’s headed.