What are the benefits of joining the PMA?

Collaborative Advocacy for Industry Improvement

PMA collaborates with performing rights organizations, legislators, legal counsel, and content creators to enhance the reporting, monitoring, collection, and distribution of performance fees and royalties for its members. This collective effort ensures a more streamlined and efficient system for all parties involved.

Education and Awareness

The PMA is committed to educating its members about critical issues affecting the production music community. Our approach includes addressing music rights, copyright concerns, and other pertinent topics, fostering a well-informed and empowered industry. Through membership, individuals gain access to legal education events and workshops, enabling them to navigate complex issues such as copyright, licensing models, and other legal matters.

PMA's dedication extends to safeguarding the interests of its members within the legal framework of the production music industry, ensuring a robust foundation for industry professionals.

Industry-Wide Standards and Technology Education

PMA takes a lead role in keeping its members informed about industry-wide technological standards. Through educational initiatives, members stay informed of developments and the latest trends related to fingerprinting, licensing models, and other technological advancements that impact the production music sector.

Networking and Collaboration

Membership provides a vibrant community where like-minded professionals align in common interests. This collaborative environment encourages both creative and business development endeavors, creating valuable opportunities for libraries, publishers, and composers alike.

Production Music Conference and Events

Members benefit from participation in industry events, including the highly successful Production Music Conference held annually in Los Angeles. These gatherings provide invaluable opportunities for networking, learning, and staying informed of the latest trends and developments in the industry.

What is the pricing?

Pricing for Libraries or Publishers varies, but starts at $300 per year. Please contact info@pmamusic.com for more information.

What is the PMC?

The Production Music Conference (PMC), organized by the Production Music Association (PMA), stands as the premier international gathering for the production music community. The PMC serves as a unique convergence point for professionals from over 60 countries, including publishers, composers, technology partners, and financial associates. This in-person event also features live-streamed panel programming, providing a comprehensive experience for all members, regardless of if they can attend in person or not.

The PMC offers unparalleled networking opportunities and educational sessions, contributing to the continual advancement of the value of production music and fostering a vibrant sense of community within the industry.

What are the Mark Awards?

The Mark Awards, presented at the Production Music Conference (PMC), stand as a prestigious annual ceremony dedicated to acknowledging excellence within the production music community. This event pays homage to the vital role of production music—the sonic heartbeat of diverse audiovisual productions, spanning television programs, promotional campaigns, and major theatrical releases. Named in honor of the late Andy Mark, a revered library owner and founding PMA member, the awards ceremony recognizes outstanding contributions in 27 categories. As production music continues to permeate a wide spectrum of media productions and distribution channels, the Mark Awards commend the companies and individuals shaping its impactful role in the creative process.

What is the PMA Academy?

The PMA Academy, curated by the Production Music Association (PMA), is a virtual webinar series designed to educate industry professionals. These free-of-charge events, open to PMA members worldwide, aim to unite the global community through panels, interviews, and workshop webinars. For inquiries or topic submissions, contact us at info@pmamusic.com. Explore replays on our website or YouTube channel for valuable insights into the production music industry.

How is the PMA advocating for Publishers and Libraries? 

The PMA’s primary mission is to uphold and advance the value of the production music industry. This shows up in multiple ways, including working on distribution solutions with the PRO’s, legislative engagement where applicable and backing transparent reporting.

What are the requirements for joining the PMA as a Library or Publisher? 

For Library/Publisher members, membership in the PMA is open to any library that recognizes the right to collect both synchronization and performance fees, and whose business model incorporates both of these revenue streams.  Buyout (“royalty free”) libraries, gratis (sync-free) libraries and performance-free libraries shall not be eligible for membership.

Can entities within the production music industry, aside from libraries or publishers, become members of the PMA?

Yes! The PMA has technology and financial based members, as well as members in various other sectors that relate directly to production music. If you would like more info regarding your eligibility for membership, please contact info@pmamusic.com.