PMC 2022

September 21-23, 2022

Omni Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles

PMC 2022 is presented by ORFIUM.

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About the Production Music Conference

The PMA’s Production Music Conference, presented by ORFIUM, is scheduled for September 21-23, 2022 at the OMNI Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

This event will consist of both virtual events and in-person events, with 9/21 being a FULLY VIRTUAL day, and 9/22-9/23 being our in-person days. In-person panel programming will be streamed live both within the virtual conference platform and within the conference app.

There is NO formal venue space on Wednesday, 9/21. All panels will be fully remote, and we will literally, only be virtual this day. We highly recommend utilizing this platform to network, view attendees and try to set meetings if you will be in town on this day. There is a ton of outdoor space in California Plaza for meetings, and there will be plenty of people in town.

Thursday 9/22 and Friday 9/23 are IN-PERSON. Keynote sessions, panels and the Mark Awards will all be held at the Omni Hotel venue, and also streamed live through this platform & event app. All attendees will be "housed" under the same system, for seamless integration.

The virtual platform & portal will open on September 6th, so you have ample time and opportunity to view attendees and maximize your PMC experience. We look forward to seeing you there.


Kick off PMC 2022 with our annual membership meeting. During this session, we'll be providing updates on PMA initiatives. We'll also be joined by industry partners for brief updates on their organization's work.

Adam Taylor
Adam Taylor

President, Chairman

APM Music, Production Music Association

Our first keynote session kicks off virtually at 10:20am PT. More info to be announced soon.




Production music is the most used type of music on television in Africa, where streaming has yet to make major inroads due to more limited Internet access. This panel explores the ways production music is licensed in Africa, and the landscape for performance and broadcast mechanical royalties today and moving forward. Challenges specific to the region are explored, with expert representatives from SAMRO and CAPASSO, the major collecting societies based in South Africa, as well as popular local catalogs and artists.

Ron Mendelsohn

Co-Founder and CEO


Jotam Matariro



Karabo Senna

General Manager for Licensing and Sales


Simon Sibanda


Slam Production Music

Historically, broadcast mechanical royalties have been a large portion of production music revenues in Europe and elsewhere, paid by television networks, in some territories comparable in size to performance royalties. As streaming platforms gain global reach, streaming mechanical royalties are replacing the broadcast mechanical pie in many territories. In the US, mechanical royalties are paid on audio-only streams, and hence many US composers and catalogs are unaware of the scope of streaming mechanical royalties paid on audio-visual material outside of the US. This presentation will provide a detailed step-by-step account of what these royalties are, and ways to collect them.

Jay Mistry

Music Publishing Consultant

Alex Black



Cécile Bernier

General Manager

Budde Music France

George Hyde

Founder & Director

Music Affairs

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A discussion covering some of the basics of Web3, Music NFT’s and Metaverses. Join panelists from both WEB2 and WEB3 to as we focus on the important question: “How will this emerging technology influence the future of Sync, Licensing and Music Libraries?”

Hunter George

Artist, Music Producer, Founder


Joel Feinberg


de Wolfe Music USA

Alex Lopez



Kinny Ahluwalia



Let’s delve into the latest in the entertainment marketing landscape, with industry leaders who have music on their minds each and every day. We’ll talk about how editors search for music, how marketing executives lean into ideas, and what trailer music supervisors need more of - and less of. Join us for a lively discussion about emerging trailer trends.
Sally House

CEO & Founder

The Hit House

Heather McClure

Creative Director

Amazon Studios

Megan Barbour

Director of Music

Buddha Jones

Shea Jones


Project X/AV

Evelin Garcia

Music Supervisor

Disney’s in house theatrical marketing division – The Hive




Table One: 
"Best tips to get your music listened to"
Ron Goldberg, VP, Manhattan Production Music
Table Two: 
"Ask me anything!"
Derek Jones, Director of Creative Services & Production / Producer / Chief Engineer, Megatrax
Table Three: 
"Presentation and introduction to Wholegrain Digital Systems"
Duane Wise, Founder & President, Wholegrain Digital Systems
Table Four: 
“'A New Dawn' the overflow of music, competition in getting your music signed with a catalog with the current popularity of production music”
Jason Moss, Founder | Composer | Creative Director | Music Supervior, Bulletproof Bear + Super Sonic Noise
Table Five: 
"How to Build a More Valuable Catalog"
Randy Wachtler, Founder, 11One Music
Table Six: 
"Understanding Neighboring Rights"
Eliška Eliášová, CEO, NRG Agency
Table Seven: 
Jon LaCroix, Co-Founder, Bulletproof Bear
Table Eight:
"Ask me Anything!"
Shawn LeMone, Sr. Vice President - Film & TV / Visual Media, ASCAP



As platforms aim to grow their creator base and compete for market share, where do rights holders sit in the equation? As we enter into a competitive digital landscape of music licensing, UGC revenue and platform competition, a panel of industry experts discuss how technology can help licensing, where the value lies and how to remove friction for creators. Presented by ORFIUM, and moderated by Wendy Nussbaum, join us for this thought provoking discussion to kick off the start of the PMC.
Wendy Nussbaum


Barefoot Media LLC

Francis Keeling

EVP Business Development


Kristen Agee

Founder & CEO

411 Music

Dan Slatter



Nick Platt

Director, Strategic Licensing and Partnerships

Audio Network

A panel of composers and catalog music directors will discuss the in’s and out’s of being successful as a composer in production music. We’ll discuss diversity as a composer, how to deliver consistently, choosing the best catalogs for you to work with and a lot more. There’s a place for everyone in this business. Bring your questions. We want this to be an interactive discussion.
Joel Goodman

Emmy-winning composer

ICON Trailer Music

Ariel Mann


Carl Peel

Vice President of Repertoire

Universal Production Music

David Bramfitt

Composer & Producer

Spot On & ICON Trailer Music

Tim Mosher

Singer & Songwriter

Representatives from major European territories will provide country updates for production music in Europe. The topics will range from Sync & Online Licenses, Legal/Copyright news and the BMAT detections surveys made by the International Production Music Group.

Martin Nedved


Studio Fontana

Juliette Metz

GM / Head of International, Copyright & HR

Encore Merci / BAM Music

Pietro Giola


Machiavelli Music

Gilda Fulco

Head of Business Affairs and Global Relations

Intervox Production Music

Einar M. Helde


APL Publishing

Ray Pagden

Founder & CEO

Motus Music

Table One: 
"Diving into Dolby Atmos sound, and how it applies to production music"
Garry Judd, Composer, 5.1 and Dolby Atmos Expert
Table Two: 
"Demo reel best practices for different applications (landing gigs, submitting to libraries, etc.)"
Sam Hulick, Composer & Co-Founder, Reelcrafter
Michael Rosen, President, MegaTrend Management
Table Three: 
"Understanding Neighboring Rights"
Chris Chirico, NRG Agency
Table Four: 
"Ask Me Anything!"
Joel Goodman, Emmy-winning Composer, ICON Trailer Music, PMA Board Member
Table Five: 
“Ensuring your catalogue is acquisition-ready"
George Hyde, Founder & Director, Music Affairs 
Sam Delves, Creative Director, Equals Music
Table Six: 
"How to build remote workflow of a dream, save nerves and a few hours a day"
Ivan Talaichuk, CEO & Co-Founder,
Table Seven: 
Table Eight: 



This panel discussion will explore, compare, and contrast the different types of companies that get sync placements and their business models: production music libraries, sync agencies, and indie publishers. With this knowledge, composers, songwriters, producers, and artists can make informed decisions about which companies to sign their music with.

Tracey Marino and Vance Marino

Composers, Authors

Hey! That’s My Song! A Guide to Getting Music Placements in Film, TV, and Media

David Quan

Head of Licensing & Administration

The Greater Goods Co.

Michael Eames


PEN Music Group, Inc.

Edwina Travis Chin

VP, Music Strategy & Content

APM Music

Mike Turner

Award Winning Music Supervisor




Production music is the sonic lifeblood of so many audiovisual productions, from television programs to promotional campaigns to major theatrical releases. With its proliferation across the gamut of media productions and distribution channels, companies responsible for its contribution to the creative process are worthy of recognition.

The Production Music Association is proud to present the seventh annual Mark Awards, an awards ceremony dedicated to honoring excellence in the production music community. Named in honor of the late Andy Mark, who was a library owner and founding member of the PMA, the “Mark Awards” recognizes the very best in production music in 27 categories.

Mix and mingle amongst our sponsors and other PMC attendees.

A bold, incandescent talent, composer Laura Karpman creates powerful, imaginative scores that push the boundaries of storytelling. Her award-winning music, spanning film, television, theater, interactive media and live performance, reflects an audaciously creative, prodigious, fresh spirit.

Karpman collaborates with the most creative filmmakers of our time, including Misha Green, Steven Spielberg, Alex Gibney, Kasi Lemmons, Rory Kennedy, Sam Pollard, Laura Nix and Eleanor, Francis Ford and Sophia Coppola. The five-time Emmy winner’s scores span the HBO hit series Lovecraft Country, 2020 Oscar-nominated Walk Run Cha-Cha, the Discovery Channel docuseries, Why We Hate, Miss Virginia, starring Uzo Aduba, the Netflix romantic comedy, Set It Up, Sony’s Paris Can Wait, starring Alec Baldwin and Diane Lane, Lionsgate’s The Cotton Club Encore, Fox Searchlight’s Step and Black Nativity, starring Forest Whitaker, Angela Bassett and Jennifer Hudson, the drama series Underground, Sony’s L.A.’s Finest, Peabody award-winning series Craft in America, and Showtime’s Sid and Judy.

Karpman received a Critic’s Choice award for her song, Jump, co-written with frequent collaborators Raphael Saadiq and Taura Stinson, sung by Cynthia Erivo. Her animated work includes Sitara, directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, executive produced by Darla Anderson and Gloria Steinem, released by Netflix. Her celebrated scores for interactive media include Guardians of Middle Earth, Everquest 2, Kung Fu Panda 2, Project Spark, Kinect Disneyland Adventures, and Untold Legends Dark Kingdom.

Across concert halls, Karpman is well known for her Grammy award-winning album, ASK YOUR MAMA, a multimedia opera based on the iconic cycle of poems by Langston Hughes. For this Carnegie Hall commission, Karpman collaborated with The Roots, soprano Jessye Norman, performer De’Adre Aziza and jazz vocalist Nnenna Freelon. Other notable works include All American, commissioned and performed by The Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl; Brass Ceiling, commissioned and recorded by The U.S. Army Band, and And Still We Dream, commissioned by Lyric Opera of Kansas City honoring 100 years of suffrage; Wilde Tales, commissioned by Glimmerglass Festival; Balls, an opera chronicling Billie Jean King’s 1973 “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match with words by NYTimes writer Gail Collins; and a pandemic opera for Opera Theatre of St. Louis with words by Taura Stinson.   

A fierce champion for inclusion in Hollywood, after founding the Alliance for Women Film Composers, Karpman became the first American woman composer inducted in the music branch of the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences, and was subsequently elected to be the first female governor of the music branch. During her short time as governor, Karpman has made indelible strides, advocating for Academy membership for dozens of underrepresented composers and songwriters, as well as spearheading the Academy Women’s Initiative. Her leadership in creating opportunity and standing up for inclusion is unparalleled.

Karpman is an advisor for the Sundance Film Institute and on the faculty of the USC Film Scoring Program and the San Francisco Conservatory. She received a doctorate from The Juilliard School where she studied with 20th century icon Milton Babbitt.

She lives and works in her beachfront home in Los Angeles with her wife, composer Nora Kroll-Rosenbaum, their son and two dogs.

Laura Karpman


Jon Burlingame

The Nation's Leading Writer on the Subject of Music for Films & Television


You are invited to an exclusive preview of FLEX, the new website and search solution developed by Entwurf & Harvest Media

Preview Presentation 10.30am to 11.30am

Q&A 11.30am to 12.00pm

Limited availability, register here:

Angus Hayes

Managing Director

Harvest Media

Jon-Paul Daly

Creative Director


In this popular and entertaining PMC competition, historical champion Belinda Robles (Megatrax) takes on new challenger, Matt Fondanarosa (Videohelper)…. as well as a new AI challenger – Artificial Intelligence Music Search (AIMS), powered by the APM catalog. Two top music supes will again come up with challenging briefs which the music directors will need to respond to in real time, in front of the live audience. Who will best rise to the challenge in this special Humans Vs AI edition?!

Alan Lazar


Sami Posner

Music Supervisor & Producer

creative control Entertainment

Belinda Robles

Senior Music Director


Matt Fondanarosa

Music Director / Consultant & Sub-Publishing Manager



Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever – we’re leaving SMPTE behind and welcoming in RTPC (real-time parameter control). Video games brought in a global gross total of $180.3 billion in revenue in 2021 – yes, that’s 180 with nine zeros after it. Even after a year of unprecedented growth sparked by the pandemic, with acquisitions and “meta” buzzwords galore, the games industry is not showing signs of slowing down. For production music, gaming is still a new media market and untapped due to a developing and increasingly complicated labyrinth of IP and music rights management, an ever increasing number of distribution platforms, and much more. Old rules no longer apply and labels, distributors, and creatives alike need to think in new “interactive” ways to ensure no penny is left on the table and their rights are safely and correctly managed. This panel will open the hood on the business, creative, and technological differences between traditional linear and interactive media, equipping creatives and rights holders who are ready to level up their production music for the future.
Cody Matthew Johnson


Emperia Sound and Music, Inc

Jennifer Harmon

Senior Director of Creative Services, Visual Media


Bobby Tahouri

Composer & Music Producer

Mason Lieberman

Senior Audio Coordinator, Lightspeed & Quantum


Chase Bethea

Composer, Sound Designer

Cory Shackelford

Music Attorney

Shackelford Legal

In recent years, production music catalogs and composers have focused on finding new revenue streams, including the neighboring rights payable in many territories globally. In this informative panel, the latest developments in neighboring rights will be discussed, focusing on a new European lawsuit which potentially opens the door to easier collection of NR by US composers. Payment of neighboring rights by streamers will also be discussed, and the importance of accurate performer cue-sheeting for collections.

Martin Nedved


NRG Agency

Eliška Eliášová


NRG Agency

Rudolf Leška



Luis Ruano

VP Rights Admin

Manage Ad Music / BMAT

Nan Wilson

Manage Ad Music

Connor Marks

VP, Publishing

APM Music

Serona Elton

Head of Educational Partnerships

Mechanical Licensing Collective

Randy Watchtler


11One Music

This panel will discuss whether a music library with a limited budget should focus on putting more money into creating fewer masters per year with "over the top" style production or if libraries should aim to create more masters per year with limited production quality at smaller price point.


  • What production elements make up a good master for sync?
  • What is the minimum budget to make a good master?
  • Tips and tricks for saving time and money when making a sync-focused master.
  • How do you know if your master is or is not competitive within the marketplace?
Dr. David Tough

Full Professor of Audio Engineering Technology

Belmont University

Emoni Matthews

Co-Founder & President, Music Supervision & Creative Licensing

Blaze Unlimited, A Creative Music Agency

Steve Shebby

Creative Director / Composer

5 Alarm Music

Sarah Scarlata

Music Director, Composer & Professional Drummer

APM Music

David Dykstra

Composer, Producer, Session Musician

Artificial Intelligence in music recommendation and selection is here to stay. But while some regard this as the salvation of the music industry, others remain skeptical. This panel aims to put a spotlight on the actual capabilities of AI and the positive effects it can have on music discovery and selection throughout the sync industry.

Bruce Anderson

Chief Technology Officer

APM Music

Markus Schwarzer



Nick Venti

Co-Founder, CEO

PlusMusic - Innovative AI

Philippe Guillaud



Einar M. Helde

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development


Demo Derby Brief 1: 
Music library looking for inspirational and high energy hip hop style tracks with vocals that can work behind sports highlights, introductions of teams to get fans hyped up and promotional campaigns that are meant to boost enthusiasm and hype for the accompanying video images.  Lyrics such as overcoming adversity, domination and heightened competitive anticipation will work best playing over driving hip hop beats that create intense emotion and listener interest.    
Submission Link for Brief #1:
Demo Derby Brief 2: 
Music library looking for "tension & intrigue" instrumentals with intriguing rhythms, polished production, and top-notch software sounds and samples. Electronic elements such as pulsing synths, percussive impacts, and a gradual building sense of drama without being too busy is the key. Do not "overdo" the drama. Nothing over the top as you would hear in an action trailer as this will be used behind dialog. Build the cue around a singular motif and create a sense of forward momentum and dynamics by layering instrumentation in and out as it progresses, along with various edit points.
Submission Link for Brief #2:
Jessica Greedus

Senior Music Consultant, Music Supervisor

Chuck Henry

President & CEO

10 West Music

Jake Shillingford

Founder & Director


Jonathan Weiss

Music Supervisor

*All in-person panels & keynotes will be recorded / streamed live for virtual attendees.

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PMC 2022 Hotel Information

*The deadline to book your room for the PMC is 9/7/2022!

We are returning to the Omni Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles for PMC 2022. We have SOLD OUT of rooms at the $239/night rate, and only have "upgraded" rooms available for the nights of 9/21-9/23. The rate for the remaining rooms is $289/night, and can be reserved by calling 213-617-3300 and mentioning PMC 2022 when you book. You can also reserve a room online at


Industry professionals from around the globe.

PMC speakers are highly regarded experts within their field, including OSCAR™ and EMMY™ Winners. 2022 speakers include:

Laura Karpman, Emmy Winning & Grammy Winning Composer
Jotam Matariro, CEO, CAPASSO
David Israelite, President, NMPA
Alex Black, CEO, Sonoton
Emoni Matthews, Co-Founder & President of Music Supervision & Creative Licensing, Blaze Unlimited

If you are interested in speaking at PMC 2022, please submit your bio and headshot to

Laura Karpman

Emmy Winning & Grammy Winning Composer, Founder of the AWFC

Sarah Scarlata

Music Director, Producer & Professional Drummer

APM Music

Dr. David Tough

Full Professor of Audio Engineering Technology

Belmont University

Emoni Matthews

Co-Founder & President of Music Supervision & Creative Licensing

Blaze Unlimited

Steve Shebby

Platinum Selling Music Producer, Songwriter, Composer & Creative Director

5 Alarm Music

Jotam Matariro



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