Production music makes up 57% of all the music played within CPA performances

The state of TV music usage in ads and promos across the US – key findings:

  • Music used in CPA formats makes up 20% of the total airing time when music is present.
  • Production music makes up more than half (57%) of all the music played within CPA performances.
  • Production music usage is dominant across all CPA format types analysed, with rates as high as
    83% in promos, 48% in advertisements and 89% in other formats such as trailers, infomercials and public service announcements.
  • Ads are the predominant CPA format, accounting for 75% of the total on-air time, with promos at 24%
  • Production music accounts for almost half (48%) of usage in commercials and 83% of usage in promos.
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